1 box of 15 Clean Boat Bottles 33.8oz - $14/bottle -60% OFF – Easy Sale USA

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1 box of 15 Clean Boat Bottles 33.8oz - $14/bottle -60% OFF

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Each box contains 15 bottles of 33.8oz (1L).

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Multipurpose boat cleaning product.

Cleaning product, stain remover, grease remover, multi-purpose for all of your boat surfaces.

Cleans all your surfaces
including the hull, deck, teak, upholstery, inflatable (PV or Hypalon), stainless steel, sails compartments, fenders, etc..
Stain remover
for molds on any type of surface such as gel coat, upholstery, cabin linings, covers, etc..
Degreaser and Decrystalizer
salt from engines, deck, sails, surface linings, covers, etc..
all of your surfaces and leaves on, a protective waterproofing coat without damaging the anti-UV protector or joints (sika or other).
Ecological mono-product
Organic non-foaming agent, 98% biodegradability, easy to rinse, effective on all surfaces.
It gives back shine to all surfaces in just few minutes ; over 20 years of professionalism and satisfaction.
Simply spray the diluted product on dry surface then rinse with clean water after letting it sit for a few seconds.
Long lasting action
Clean Boat has the particularity to efficiently remove the static film of all your surfaces and leaves a protective waterproofing coat that fights the outside factors (pollution, salt, etc..).

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